Disaster Recovery

Never lose your critical data, no matter what

Every small business owner today knows how monumentally important their business data is to their operations. While the chances of a major disaster might be relatively slim, you jeopardize the survival of your entire organization if you haven’t taken sound disaster recovery measures to make sure your business can power through any natural or man-made threat.

Separate and distinct from preventative measures, recovery mechanisms must also be established to survive the unpreventable. While the damage to your brick-and-mortar assets in an extreme weather event may be unavoidable, your digital assets are always recoverable with Disaster Recovery service from Advanced Tech Inc.

We offer end-to-end recovery solutions — from planning to post-disaster recovery — to make sure damage and downtime are kept to a minimum, getting you rapidly back online and in business.

Some things are unpreventable; with Advanced Tech Inc, data loss is never one of them.

Real-time Backups

Keep your critical data recoverable

We begin by identifying all critical data on network servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile and wireless devices — that essentials that must be backed up and recoverable, no matter what. Once key data is identified, we begin performing regular, real-time backups, then store those backups safely, off-site. We can digitize any physical records and documents you may need backed up as well.

Constant Testing

Know you’re up to date

We don’t just set it and forget it. We are constantly stress-testing and updating our backup processes and recovery plans so they’re always up to par. Annual reviews are not enough. Our continuous monitoring and reporting, conducted by trained and professional Advanced Tech Inc technicians, is an absolute necessity to make sure you’re always ready to power through catastrophe without loss.


Advanced Tech Inc is the professional’s choice for full-service file repair and data recovery. Whether your files have been corrupted or endangered by a human-made or natural disaster — or jeopardized by a plain old mistake — our experienced engineers boast exceptional success rates, and they’re capable of recovering just about any file containing any type of media. Have you faced a unique data loss event you think there is no solution for? There’s a good chance we’ve seen and solved it before — and can again.

Advanced Tech Inc’s Disaster Recovery solutions has you covered:

  • Customizable planning - to accommodate all of your business’s need
  • Fast recovery for files and email - get your business back on its feet in no time
  • Server virtualization - reduce downtime from days to hours
  • Remote offsite storage - ensures data security and compliance
  • Built-in archiving - more cost-effective and reliable than tape
  • 24/7 monitoring and management - enhances data integrity

Don’t let a single storm or machine malfunction take out your critical digital assets for good. Get in touch with us today at 605-444-2290 to discuss your data backup and recovery needs, or feel free to drop by our office in Sioux Falls to get started.