Data Backup &
Disaster Recovery

in Sioux Falls, SD

Constant monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure minimizes downtime

Are you prepared to weather the potential damage a natural or man-made disaster could do to your IT equipment and mission-critical data? It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare. Enter Advanced Tech Inc’s Backup and Disaster recovery solutions.

We provide efficient, in-house backup technology to safeguard all of your company’s data. That includes constant replication and safe storage of all data, so it’s quickly and easily recoverable in the case of a disaster, and recovery plans that get you back online and in business.

Advanced Tech Inc’s Disaster Recovery service provides businesses of all sizes in Sioux Falls, Brandon, Harrisburg, Midwest, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota with secure and encrypted data backups and clear, concise, step-by-step disaster plans. For you, it means your data is always properly stored, your systems are always safe, and business always continues.

Advanced Tech Inc offers comprehensive recovery plans and reliable data duplications so your business weathers any storm.

Time is Money

Near-zero downtime keeps you in business

Why is downtime so damaging to a business? Consider what one hour down means: an hour of lost revenue and lost productivity, plus your recovery and reputational damage; that equals a lot more than the cost having a backup and recovery plan already in place. With the falling prices of cloud technology and the right plan in place, Advanced Tech Inc can easily prevent these avoidable losses. …Read More

Constant Testing

Always be ready

We don’t just set it and forget it. We are constantly stress-testing and updating our backup processes and recovery plans so they’re always up to par. Annual reviews are not enough. Our continuous monitoring and reporting, conducted by Advanced Tech Inc professionals, is an absolute necessity to make sure you’re always ready to power through catastrophe without loss. …Read More

The Advanced Tech Inc Difference

Local, reliable professionals with comprehensive know-how

As a well-established managed IT services provider in South Dakota, we help our clients design and implement business continuity strategies that measure downtime in minutes. With one of our free consultations, we’ll conduct an exhaustive IT risk assessment and outline every investment and precaution you need to create a reliable and seamless Backup & Disaster Recovery plan that works for you. …Read More

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions provide:

  • Enhanced protection – cutting-edge encryption to keep everything secure
  • Post-disaster recovery – get back on your feet in no time
  • Offsite storage – your backups are safely stored on our remote data center servers
  • Better data integrity – with detailed backup reports
  • Inclusive updates – reap the benefits of the latest hardware and software available

Power through any storm with Advanced Tech Inc’s Backup & Disaster Recovery service for your South Dakota business. Get in touch with us at 605-444-2290 or feel free to drop by our office in Sioux Falls to get started.