Feature-packed phone systems
that do more for less

With VoIP telecommunications, you’ll never pay for long-distance or international calls again. Plus, you can easily and securely make calls and send messages across devices. And since you’re already paying for broadband internet, there is no additional connectivity fee. Traditional phone lines are quickly becoming outdated and, with lower costs and increased capabilities, it’s no wonder VoIP is rapidly becoming the new standard in communications and collaboration for SMBs.

Voice over Internet Protocol allows you to make and take calls over your internet, giving you more features than were previously available to businesses without complicated and expensive PBX systems. VoIP is backed by a rich set of features including call queuing, video conferencing, and automated attendants, among others.

Easy to manage and able to scale as the demands of your business grow, VoIP is the innovative and affordable solution that modern companies need communicating quickly and cheaply, over any device, with their entire team and complete client base.

VoIP lowers your costs, expands your capabilities, and increases efficiency. And, with Advanced Tech Inc, switching is easy.

Save some dough

With no more long distance or international fees and charges already included in your current internet service, VoIP offers the functionality of a sophisticated, executive-level phone system without breaking SMB-sized budgets. And, if your company has remote or mobile workers, it’s a necessity.

Always Be Accessible

Your employees need to be making and answering calls when it counts. VoIP from Advanced Tech Inc means that calls to your company always go through and connect exactly where they need to. With the VoIP software open on your employee’s workstation, that’s where their number will ring; if they’re at home with a laptop, calls will be forwarded there or to their mobile device. With VoIP, no one ever misses a call.

Ditch Cumbersome Equipment

With a hosted VoIP system, there’s no need to keep any equipment on site. Your new phone system’s backend will reside completely in the cloud, so no hardware maintenance is required. Plus, setup is a breeze, and a fraction of the cost of installing a traditional phone system.

With Advanced Tech Inc VoIP, you’ll enjoy:

  • Automatic call distribution - set inbound calls to ring on multiple devices and numbers
  • Dial-by-name directory/auto attendant - direct callers to the person they need to speak to with dynamic and customizable directory services
  • Digital Voicemail - access messages and voicemails from any device, then listen, save, transcribe, or reply to them instantly
  • Advanced Metrics - we’ll create a user-friendly web interface that you can use to monitor system-wide performance metrics, call history, and call audio
  • Seamless CRM Integration - on-screen integration between your customer relationship management software and your VoIP caller ID
  • Cloud-based VoIP - keep employees connected in and out of the office with cloud-based VoIP telephone
  • Office-Based VoIP - quick and easy setup for low-cost communications throughout your office

Not sure if you need VoIP? Have other questions? Advanced Tech Inc can help you determine what VoIP systems and features best meet your budget and needs. Just drop by our Sioux Falls office during normal business hours, or give us a call at 605-444-2290 anytime. We’re happy to talk.