Make the move to internet-based phones

Businesses of all sizes require clear and reliable communication services to connect with their customers, regardless of if they’re down the street, or across the globe. VoIP systems provide you with that ability while saving you money across the board.

When you choose Advanced Tech Inc for your customized VoIP needs, our installation and support services give you all the conveniences of modern communication techniques at an affordable price.

Our VoIP solutions are:

  • Economical – reduce telecommunication costs and scrap setup, installation or maintenance fees
  • User-friendly – cuts training time with intuitive and simplistic interfaces
  • Stable – your hosted system is monitored and maintained 24/7
  • Convenient – take calls away from the office by forwarding to other connected devices
  • Green – lower your paper and travel budget by utilizing functions online

Despite what you may think, transitioning to VoIP service can be quick and painless -- if handled by experts. Other than the new and improved functionalities, our installation and management of your system will be so simple it will be like nothing even changed.