Simulated Phishing &
User Awareness Training

in Sioux Falls, SD

Empower and equip your users with the necessary knowledge to be cybersecurity guardians

Many modern businesses have already boosted their cyber defenses, but unfortunately, human error is still a major factor in 95% of cybercrimes. Because of this, hackers are now targeting employees who lack the proper cybersecurity knowledge. Cybercrimes have also become more sophisticated, so in order for your business to be safeguarded from a user-related breach, managing your employees’ security risk is very critical.

With Advanced Tech’s Simulated Phishing and User Awareness Training program, we will equip your staff with the knowledge to quickly spot malicious websites, emails, social engineering, phishing, ransomware, and other attacks. We will educate them on cybersecurity best practices so that they are not the weakest link in your IT security.

Transform your employees from being your biggest security risk to your greatest cyber defense assets

Engaging Content

Ensure that every security training effectively reaches your employees no matter how tech-savvy they are with plug-and-play phishing kits, short animated videos, and online quizzes. …Read More

User-Friendly Training Portal

Make every personalized training easy to understand and convenient for your team. …Read More

Customizable Materials

Simulate industry-specific threats and increase training effectiveness through customized phishing emails, sending domains, and attachments. …Read More

Up-to-Date Training Assets

Keep your employees abreast with the latest cybercrimes through fresh phishing kits and videos that reflect the current threat landscape. …Read More

Our Simulated Phishing & User Awareness Training program will enable you to:

  • Automate training campaigns and reporting for effective, hassle-free training
  • Choose from a wide range of plug-and-play phishing campaign kits and video lessons, or easily create your own phishing emails and training courses.

Don’t allow hackers to exploit your employees’ lack of awareness. Let Advanced Tech transform your workforce into a well-protected human firewall. Learn more about the benefits of User Awareness Training for your business from one of our experts.