Cloud Servers in
Sioux Falls, SD

Constant monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure minimizes downtime

Advanced Tech Inc’s Cloud Servers help streamline your workflow and improve bottom line by eliminating resource under-provisioning that too often hinders physical, on-premise hardware. Under heavy workloads, this inevitable under-provisioning creates costly slow downs and accelerates equipment degeneration. Our Cloud Servers are made to handle compute-intensive workloads and applications with ease.

Our cloud services free up your company’s resources; provide for a greener, paperless IT environment; and lower your energy costs. Rid your company of the maintenance demands inherent in on-premise IT infrastructure by transferring them to the Advanced Tech Inc’s Cloud Servers; shift your focus from recurring server issues to growing your business.

Advanced Tech Inc’s Cloud Servers bring you increased efficiency, lowered energy and maintenance costs, and the resources — mental, financial, physical — to grow.


Scale your computing and storage resources to meet changing needs.

What you start with today may not be what you need in the future. With Advanced Tech Inc’s Cloud Servers, that’s not a problem. Running on our Cloud Servers means that the extra resources you shouldn’t be paying for now but may need in the future can always be accessed at a moment’s notice. That’s not only beneficial for growth, it’s also particularly valuable to customers who have spikes in required resource throughout the calendar year, or organizations with hard-to-predict resource demands. …Read More

Resources to Grow

Reduce maintenance expenses and free yourself to grow.

Cloud Servers save you money both in the short- and long-term, first by doing away with expensive hardware purchases and instantly lowering your energy costs. Then, because Advanced Tech Inc takes care of all IT infrastructure maintenance for our Cloud Servers, those ongoing maintenance and repair costs are eliminated. This gives you more than just cost savings; moving your concentration from server maintenance and IT issue resolution toward more productive business strategies gives you the mental space to focus on growth — and, without on-premise hardware clogging your workspace, the physical space, too. …Read More

Increased Security

Remote monitoring, real-time backups, digitization, and virtualization mean no data is ever compromised or lost.

Cloud Servers employ advanced, high-level security features such as data encryption and routine backups, offering increased data security over in-house servers. No matter what happens to the hardware — theft, natural or man-made physical damage, human error, malware — the ability to digitize and virtualize resources in the Cloud means your company’s data always remains safe. Even file transfers are more secure, with less email exchanges and real-time access to documents; all data are kept safe and accessible to employees at all times within the cloud itself. …Read More

Cloud Servers solutions from Advanced Tech Inc also help to:

  • Reduce downtime – by proactively monitoring and maintaining your servers
  • Simplify budgeting – by paying for the server space you actually use — and only that
  • Control scalability – with instant software upgrades, application add-ons, and easy space acquisition as your company’s needs ebb and flow
  • Enhance customization – create a tailor-made server setup based on your unique specifications

Don’t waste another minute fixing or maintaining your error-prone, on-site servers. Start streamlining workflows and saving money with Advanced Tech Inc’s Cloud Servers today. Call us now at 605-444-2290 to see how easy moving your servers to the cloud can be.