Dark Web Monitoring
in Sioux Falls, SD

Our team scans the dark web to find out if any of your confidential data has been stolen

Stolen data, usually shared among cybercriminals over networks known as the “dark web,” is used to hold individuals and organizations at ransom. If you don’t have any systems for monitoring your information on the dark web, then you won’t know about vulnerabilities before it is too late. This is why our Dark Web Monitoring services are crucial to retrieving your data and keeping your business safe.

Our team monitors the dark web using one of the leading monitoring solutions in the market. With our Dark Web monitoring software, we’ll be able to protect your data 24/7/365 and also use it to monitor your business and personal credentials from domains to email addresses. We can also uncover compromised credentials in dark web markets, data dumps, and other sources. These tools grant us the ability to act fast, before the cybercriminals strike.

Retrieve compromised data on the dark web before it can be used against you.

Validated Data Searches

Our team goes through validated data that comes from trusted sources. We check multiple sources such as dark web markets, forums, data dumps, and more, to find exposed credentials fast. …Read More

Quick Deployment

We’ll deploy a Dark Web monitoring software and set up our monitoring processes quickly so as not to waste any time. …Read More

Our Dark Web Monitoring services will retrieve:

  • Personal and business credentials
  • Targeted IP addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Web domains

Don’t fall victim to dark web threats. Secure your business data today by relying on our professionals to search the dark web and find any confidential data before it can be used against you.