Security in
Sioux Falls, SD

Robust security programs and protocols keep company data safe

Despite the importance of top-of-the-line IT systems in the workplace, chances are your servers and workstations aren’t operating at their full capacity. Malware prey on whatever systems they can attach themselves to, and we have the expertise to deal with the worst of them.

Advanced Tech Inc security specialists will work with you to develop company-wide security defenses that prevent network breaches. We’ll implement industry-compliant data backup and storage protocols so your mobile workforce can securely access apps and documents on the go.

Our technicians will proactively monitor your servers, workstations, and networks to eliminate potential threats. You’ll even have industry-leading anti-malware programs, firewalls, and intrusion scanning systems running around the clock as an added measure. Talk to us today to learn how we can work to keep cybercriminals at bay.

With security threats on the rise, maintaining sound security practices is more important than ever. Protect your company from online predators by allowing us to be an extension of your IT department.

Understand the Risks

Increase your organization’s awareness of online dangers

Most small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) assume hackers only target massive corporations, and that is exactly why they’re the perfect prey. Recognizing all the potential risks is the first step towards complete business protection, and this must translate to your employees. Educate them about the different types of cyberattack, along with the proper ways to respond and mitigate the impact of the breach. …Read More

Be More Organized

Thoroughly plan business IT security to avoid gaps

Hackers penetrate your systems by finding vulnerabilities that you’ve overlooked. This is why taking a more organized approach is key to covering all aspects of your business IT. Begin by conducting a comprehensive risk assessment to check the security of your present infrastructure, including your cloud-hosted apps, networked workstations, and mobile devices. …Read More

Enforce Proactive Measures

Strengthen your defenses through prevention

Hackers’ schemes evolve with technology, and so must your defenses. Incorporating a powerful patch-management program and intrusion detection system, as well as updating security policies and conducting routine employee training can strengthen your overall security. After all, wouldn’t you rather prepare for the worst than pick up the pieces after a data breach? You’ll be able to rest easy knowing your business’s future is protected on all fronts. …Read More

Our Security solutions will equip your business with:

  • Automated systems scanning and network monitoring software
  • Powerful email encryption and anti-virus programs
  • Managed WiFi settings to regulate access and inbound traffic
  • Firewalls customized for your employees' online behavior
  • Security User Awareness Training

Let the experts at Advanced Tech Inc design and deploy solutions that meet your company’s needs and keep your operations running safely, securely, and productively. Get in touch with us at 605-444-2290 or feel free to drop by our office in Sioux Falls to get started.