Document Management

Minimize costs and put everyone on the same page

Advanced Tech Inc’s Document Management solutions grant your business the power to create, access, manage, control and distribute documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, graphics, emails and with a few clicks of your mouse.

Maximize the efficiency of your business and save thousands of dollars on copying, printing, paper, printer supplies, fax supplies and storage costs. As an added bonus, Electronic Document Management reduces the amount of time wasted rummaging through piles of paperwork.

Document Management services from Advanced Tech Inc are:

  • Accessible - never worry about file extensions or source applications again
  • Manageable - create custom permission trees to decide who has access to company documents
  • Under budget - from the moment you begin document scanning and archiving to far into the future overhead costs will be lowered

Electronic Document Management allows you to easily scan for documents based on any variable you can think of, author, date, subject and more. Finding what you’re looking for has never been more straightforward and cost-effective.