Document Management
in Sioux Falls, SD

Save your time, your money, and your peace of mind

Advanced Tech Inc’s electronic Document Management system means you’ll never have to wade through those mountains of files — digital or analog — that every modern business produces and collects in today’s data-saturated, hyper tracked world. Scan every printed receipt and invoice and automatically have your natively-digital documents and images stored and indexed in a hierarchical and easily searchable database. No more tearing the office apart looking for that lost piece of paper or losing entire afternoons in a rabbit hole of finder windows.

Simply put, Document Management refers to the way your organization stores, manages and tracks its digital documents. Advanced Tech Inc’s Document Management makes it easy to track and find every piece of information you’ve got, which is crucial in today's world, where every paper-based document can be easily and quickly scanned with a mobile phone.

With custom permission trees, you can set hierarchies and specifications for who has access to what documents in your company’s files. Members with access can collaborate on and share documents with one another, allowing everyone to achieve greater productivity.

Maximize efficiency and save thousands on copying, printing, and storage costs when Advanced Tech Inc digitizes and manages your company’s files.

Save on Space

With all your documents digitally stored and managed, you save space once occupied by filing cabinets and sliding drawers. …Read More

Save on Spending

When all your files are digitized, there’s no need to keep paying for paper, toner, and ink for the printer, or the regular maintenance costs that come with paper jams and broken fax machines. Many of the repetitive tasks that once required administrative help — sorting, organizing, indexing, and retrieving documents — can now be automated. It all adds up to lower expenditures for you. …Read More

Save your Sanity

Say goodbye to all the frustrations of lost files and dreaded paper jams when you digitize your documents. Advanced Tech Inc puts you on the road to a stress-free workflow. …Read More

With Document Management from Advanced Tech Inc, you can:

  • Simultaneously edit documents as groups, using check-in/check-out and locking features to know and control who is in the document at any given time
  • Save editing histories automatically, with a record of changes and edits made to any document
  • Restore previous versions of documents
  • Use advanced search capabilities to find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it

Still not sure if Advanced Tech Inc’s Document Management is what your company needs? Have industry- or company-specific questions? Advanced Tech Inc is committed to helping you make the best decision for your business. You can drop by our Sioux Falls office during normal business hours or give us a call at 605-444-2290 anytime. We’re happy to talk with you.