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We’ll Help you maximize your current IT infrastructure

Investing in business technology is crucial for achieving success, but it is equally essential to ensure that you receive the expected returns on your investment. For many businesses, costly IT investments and projects are a significant drain on finances because their technology solutions have not been efficiently implemented, calibrated, or maintained. Additionally, researching products from multiple vendors and managing IT projects internally can be significant management burdens, consuming valuable time and resources. Rather than undertaking these responsibilities, you can save time and money by partnering with Advanced Tech, Inc.

Our team of certified and experienced IT consultants offers technical expertise and strategic consulting services that enhance your organization’s information technology, resulting in increased productivity with minimal disruption to your business. As the leading IT consulting company in Sioux Falls, SD, we cater to your business’s technology needs by creating an IT strategy that effectively allocates your technology investments and projects to provide high returns and achieve your objectives. Ultimately, our technology services are geared toward enabling your company to undergo a digital transformation, boosting your revenue and keeping you ahead of the competition.

Project Planning

We’ll help you craft a easy-to-follow plan so everything goes smoothly

Whether you’re getting ready to implement new wireless network technology, carry out a company-wide data migration, or install an entirely new software platform, our IT planning skills keep your project moving on time and within budget. Our consultants deliver more than expert technical advice and installation support — they deliver results.

Long-Term IT Strategy

Scale your technology effectively to meet your business growth objectives

Our IT consulting services also set you up for long-term success with an IT investment strategy that aligns with your goals. Our IT consultants create a roadmap that helps you make the most out of your technology investments while maximizing productivity as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

IT consulting services offer expert advice on how to leverage technology to accomplish your business objectives. These services include tailored IT project management and IT investment planning, which are designed to meet your specific needs

When searching for an effective IT project manager, two of the most critical factors to consider are certifications and experience. Certifications demonstrate that the candidate has the necessary knowledge and skills to manage the project at hand. Moreover, evaluating the results that the IT manager has produced over time can provide valuable insight into their capabilities.

In our experience, most businesses still have a lot to gain from the unique insight of experienced IT experts. We have helped many businesses maximize their existing technology investments, manage IT costs, develop IT and security roadmaps, and more. Contact us to learn how we can help with your unique business needs.

Absolutely. We care about helping our clients procure the best technology solutions available in their respective spending capabilities. Our aim is to provide you with as much value as possible regarding your IT.

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