Managed Cloud Services
in Sioux Falls, SD

Enhanced security and anytime, anywhere access to all your data

Work is no longer confined to the office, and whether yours is on a corporate campus or in your own living room, you need access to all your files wherever you are. Cloud computing means moving your data and apps from the physical confines of your personal office to the web, giving you anytime, anywhere access from any device. You’ll have a single login to access everything from your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone, and with all that processing and storage moved to the cloud, your office hardware will be freed up to run more efficiently.

Moving to the cloud with Advanced Tech Inc also means that we can perform regular data backups and data monitoring. This offers a greater degree of security than most businesses are likely to achieve on their own. Advanced Tech Inc’s comprehensive security policies and procedures are informed by our experience and expertise. Talk to us today about migrating to the cloud.

Moving to the cloud frees up office space, reduces operating costs, and offers greater degrees of accessibility and security. Plus, cloud networks are flexible and scalable, capable of growing and transforming right alongside your business.

Save money now and in the future

Electricity costs aren’t going down anytime soon, but cloud computing can lower your bills. With your systems and date stored in the cloud, you can run on less power. And there’s no need to buy expensive new hardware or servers upfront when you switch. Take advantage of off-site infrastructure, which is already running on industry-leading technology. …Read More

Scalability for growth

You don’t want your company to just tread water, you want it to move forward and grow. Cloud computing is highly flexible, so you’ll be able to change and expand as your company transforms and grows. …Read More

Anytime access and round-the-clock security

Flexibility and anytime, anywhere access are the most often touted benefits of moving to the cloud — and for good reason. But the automated security testing and maintenance that cloud computing provides are invaluable, too. We’re always watching and protecting your critical IT systems and data when they’re in the cloud. …Read More

Advanced Tech Inc cloud computing offer:

  • Scalability – cloud systems are flexible and able to grow with your business
  • Customization – packages and add-ons can be tailored to your needs
  • Mobility – anytime, anywhere access, from any device
  • Cost savings – save on hardware acquisition immediately and utility costs in the future
  • Enhanced security – end-to-end encryption and round-the-clock monitoring
  • Efficiency – free up space and processing capabilities on your office hardware

Advanced Tech Inc can help you determine what your cloud needs are. Do you need email support? Data analysis? Accounting or CRM software? Alongside our general-purpose services, like IT networking infrastructure with on-demand access, we can customize additional solutions for your needs. Give us a call at 605-444-2290 to get started today, or stop by our Sioux Falls office.