Business Continuity

Strategic emergency planning enables your business to quickly get back up and running

Business data is the lifeblood of your company. Whether you’re aware of it or not, the possibility of data loss from a disaster is a very real threat. Downed trees, lightning strikes, and theft could result in serious downtime and financial loss. And since your company depends on the massive amounts of data that you store, professional data management is imperative.

Advanced Tech Inc's Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan helps your company maintain its core functions during a disaster and recover compromised data and applications quickly after a disaster. Our step-by-step plan covers exactly what you need to do to take care of your clients during this difficult time.

Ultimately, we recommend best practices and powerful tools to help your company survive and continue to serve customers throughout the span of your recovery. Partner with Advanced Tech Inc and you never have to worry about disasters again.

With Business Continuity service from Advanced Tech Inc, you get a comprehensive emergency plan to minimize disruption of vital business processes.

Get To Know Your Systems

Gain deeper insight into your entire IT infrastructure

Developing a recovery plan allows business leaders to carefully examine their operations. With our help, you’ll be able to identify system weaknesses, service interdependencies, integration issues, and hidden expenses in your infrastructure. After we’ve evaluated the reports, we recommend tools and approaches to help increase overall efficiency, save money, and prepare for potential catastrophes.

Mitigate Financial Setbacks

Reduce penalties and lost revenues with powerful backup systems

From missed calls to late project delivery, every minute of downtime costs money. A comprehensive BCDR plan minimizes downtime with a manual that outlines the recovery procedures and backup schedules. This enables you to resume business operations with minimal delay.

Strengthen Brand Value

Secure your brand and reputation throughout any disaster

Implementing a solid business continuity plan increases brand loyalty. This is because it tells your clients that you prioritize their needs and privacy, even in the midst of business emergencies. And because you offer maximum uptime and service reliability, you gain an edge over your competition, too.

Benefits of our Business Continuity service includes:

  • BCDR planning – customized approaches for your specific needs
  • Data backup – protects your mission-critical data files
  • Swift recovery – recover your data and emails with no service interruptions
  • Virtualization of downed servers – minimizes downtime to keep you operating
  • Remote offsite storage – keeps your data safe and compliant

Advanced Tech Inc combines planning and protection to help your business thrive no matter what comes its way. Get in touch with us at 605-444-2290 or feel free to drop by our office in Sioux Falls to get started.