With more than 23 years serving the Sioux Falls area, we know that every business is different. Flexibility is key when providing services and solutions to maintain compliance, efficiency and budgetary guidelines. That’s why Advanced Tech Inc delivers industry-leading technology support, highly secure data centers and a wide range of products designed to take your operations to the next level.

We offer the following services to help you advance your business:

  • Managed Services - by providing a number of managed solutions, we give you the peace of mind ny overseeing your IT infrastructure for a low monthly fee.
  • Business Continuity - network downtime equals losing money, if this should happen we’ll have you up and running in no time since we'll manage, monitor, and test daily backups.
  • Security - it's difficult to find the time to implement key security measures, that's where we come in. With vulnerability testing, any threat and regulatory compliance are taken care of.
  • Cloud - by migrating some or all of your company's infrastructure to the cloud, experience enhanced while enjoying streamlined business operations.
  • VoIP - reliable and efficient communication systems are vital to any business. VoIP offers better cost-efficiency and stability by routing calls through the Internet, all at a fixed monthly fee.
  • Phone Systems - a highly customizable Unified Communications platform that allows an effective company-wide collaboration no matter where your teams are, thanks to instant messaging, automatic call logging, real-time visibility over your staff availability, and more.
  • Document Management - staff members enjoy better collaboration and easier file access thanks to a unified infrastructure that securely links document workflows together. Access your files anywhere and everywhere.
  • Project Management - projects both big or small require a project manager to ensure everything runs smoothly and to address any obstacles. We'll help guide your IT projects to success.
  • IT Support & Consulting - wonderful services don't really count for much without the right customer service. From onsite visits to remote help desk requests, we're always ready to solve your problems quickly and effortlessly.
  • Computer Repair - in today’s modern age, the reliance on one’s computer to facilitate daily business operations has become monumental. That’s why we offer quick and reliable repair services that’ll get your PC up and running in a jiffy.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery - losing vital business data and essential equipment is the worst thing that could happen to any business owner. On top of data protection, our services also boost cost-efficiency and reduce downtime.
  • Cloud Servers - server management, freeing up company resources and trying to go green can be a hassle, but it no longer has to be. Send your company’s physical IT maintenance systems to the cloud and shift the focus back to growing your business.
  • Email & Spam Protection - emails are one of the main methods of communicating with clients, they should be swift, efficient, and safe. We provide a reliable email system without leaving it vulnerable to external threats.