Project Management
in Sioux Falls, SD

Professional guidance for seamless technology implementation

Do you want to boost your productivity while lowering costs? The answer is a well-structured technology plan. With our Project Management solution, your business can stop working harder and start operating smarter.

Advanced Tech Inc will assign dedicated project managers to design and deploy optimizations to your IT infrastructure, using cutting-edge IT project and portfolio management systems. These first-rate programs, along with our in-depth expertise and proven processes, enable us to complete all our projects without any stress, delays, or extra charges.

Cross one more task off your list by completely handing over project management to Advanced Tech Inc. You can rest easy knowing everything is handled professionally and with your best interests at heart. You can always check in with us to determine the status of your project, and we will assist you post-project to make sure your entire infrastructure runs optimally with the new systems in place.


With Project Management from Advanced Tech Inc, you’ll gain access to valuable tools and the expertise needed to improve operational efficiency and sustain business growth.

Comprehensive Planning

In-depth research and road mapping for your core operations, goals, and needs

Your business technology requires routine assessments to check for outdated or inefficient processes and programs. We constantly evaluate network efficiency, cybersecurity, software compliance, and data backups, and then recommend corresponding upgrades so your system always runs at its best. …Read More

Proven Expertise

A team of expert project managers dedicated to your business

Our project managers aren’t just IT experts. They have years of experience in operations management, so they understand how poor office IT can affect daily processes. With their guidance, you will benefit from increased productivity, better quality systems, and more cost-effective operations. …Read More

Smooth Implementation

A tested process that minimizes potential disruptions

Advanced Tech Inc knows that every minute of downtime can cost you thousands of dollars. That’s why, throughout our years of service, we’ve been able to devise a proactive process for preventing mishaps. We are quick, but meticulous. This combination enables us to deliver quality results in a timely manner, with minimal disruption. …Read More

IT Project Management solutions from
Advanced Tech Inc include:

  • Program recommendations – integrate the best-suited hardware or software for your business’s distinct needs
  • Cost Management – we thoroughly plan and conduct regular inspections to avoid going over budget
  • Lifecycle Planning – stay operational even during installations and upgrades with our seamless process
  • Progress Updates – get all the information you need about your project

Whether you require a network redesign or server upgrade, Advanced Tech Inc will strive to complete all your IT projects on time and within budget. In the rare case that we do run into delays or cost overruns, we will notify you before proceeding. Get in touch with us at 605-444-2290 or feel free to drop by our office in Sioux Falls to get started.