IT Support & Consulting

Do away with tedious technical support calls

If you contact a manufacturer’s technical support line, do you expect the customer service representative to have any idea about the ins and outs of your business? The answer is probably no, and without any prior knowledge of your IT infrastructure they will be very limited in how much they can help you during an IT emergency.

With IT Support & Consulting services from Advanced Tech Inc, our experienced staff will deliver reliable and down-to-earth support that is unique to your business.

Why not eliminate unnecessary time waiting for technical support to get back to you and hand it off to us. We’ll streamline your support request process to reduce downtime to a minimum.

IT Support & Consulting services from Advanced Tech Inc are:

  • Local - all of your calls will be taken by Sioux Falls technicians
  • Expert - our staff have been in this business for a long time and they know IT
  • Flexible - we offer support for organizations of almost any size and industry
  • Economical - a service as professional and reliable as it is affordable

Don’t waste one more day on the phone with support specialists on the other side of the globe. With improved response times, 24/7 support and top-notch expertise, Advanced Tech Inc grants you the opportunity to get off of hold and back to work.